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Heating Instructions

Storage Heaters in Hall and Livingroom

These run on cheaper rate electricity at night time only

Step 1 Turn ON wall switch on right hand side of storage heater
Step 2 Turn thermostat control on wall in the hall up to recommended setting or higher for maximum heat as required
Step 3 Set the input dial on storage heater (regulates amount of heat to be stored in heater) higher in winter
Step 4 Heat is released the following day on a continuous basis
Step 5 Set the output control on the storage heater to regulate how quickly the heat is released (low range setting will ensure that the storage heater is still hot in the evening)

Convection Heater (part of Storage Heater in Livingroom)

Step 1 Turn ON switch on wall on left hand side of storage heater
Step 2 Turn thermostat in living room up to recommended setting or higher
Step 3 Turn ON the on/off switch on storage heater
Step 4 Heat will release instantly, use the output control dial on top of storage heater to increase heat.

Panel Heaters in Bedrooms

Step 1 Turn switch on wall to ON position
Step 2 Turn selector on heater (auto-off-on) to ON position
Step 3 Select half or full heat
Step 4 Set thermostat (located on RHS of heater) to desired temperature (0-9). The panel heater will cut off when it reaches the set temperature.


Coal Effect Electric Fire

Step 1 Plug in electric fire
Step 2 Switch on fire to desired setting

Gas Fire

Step 1 Switch on main isolation switch on the wall located to one side of the fireplace
Step 2 Press the fan switch to the on position and wait for the green light to appear
Step 3 Push in centre knob on fire and turn anticlockwise to ignite the pilot light
Step 4 Release knob when pilot light is lit for approximately 10 seconds and turn anticlockwise to increase flame
Step 5 Turn knob clockwise to turn off fire and switch fan to off position


Step 1 Turn time-clock to the on position and turn grey button on the left hand side of the boiler to ignite
Step 2 Time-clock is located on the right hand side of the boiler
Left position - Off constant
Centre position- Timer
Right position- On constant
Step 3 To set temperature on boiler, use the centre grey button on the boiler
Step 4 To set temperature of radiators, turn the Room Thermostat (located in hallway) clockwise to increase or anticlockwise to reduce the temperature. Turning the thermostat to the lowest position will give you hot water only without the radiators heating


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